Pilot Behavioral Model Demonstration for SH-60 and DDG-79 as revised with pilots' critiques.

Approach Sequence:

1. Inbound at 80 kias, 400 ft Radar Altitude,

2. Begin descent upon intercepting SGSI glideslope at 1.2 nm,

3. At 1.0 nm decelerate to 70 kias, 3/4 nm to 55 kias, 1/2 nm to 50 kias,

4. Between 1/2 and 1/4 nm transition to 25 kt closure rate,

5. Transition to hover at xx ft behind landing spot,

6. After x sec move over landing spot and maintain eye height at HRS light bar,

7. After x sec land on deck, and lower collective.


Departure Sequence:

1. Takeoff and hover at HRS light bar height but allow to drift rearward,

2. Backup SGSI path as ship moves away from helo,

3. Pedal turn to port 45 deg,

4. Accelerate and climb out.